0-6 months: Infants under 6 months of age are very susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays as their skin contains very little protective melanin. Their skin is also very sensitive and sunscreen should not be used. Therefore they need to be kept out of the sun. When travelling in the car it is best to use removable mesh window shields or invest in UV-blocking-window film.


6-12 months: A baby who always wears a hat when outside will get used to this healthy habit. Applying broad-spectrum, sun protection factor (SPF) 30+ sunscreen is safe after the age of 6 months. Tear-free formulas that won't sting your baby's eyes are available. Sunscreen must be applied 30 minutes before going outside.


Toddlers need to be inside or in the shade between 10am and 4pm. Whenever outside they need to wear a hat and preferably long-sleeved, unbleached cotton clothing that is cool, comfortable and protective. Clothing with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 30 or higher is recommended. Broad-spectrum sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or higher are best.