About Us

All parents want their child to grow up healthy and happy. You, as a parent, have a unique and important role in training your child while he/she is still young. At Sun Safety we are committed to helping parents develop healthy sun protection habits during these early years. We help parents understand the dangers of the sun, while also offering practical advice and products that will ensure any time spent outside is safe. Welcome to the Sun Safe family.

Our Mission

At Sun Safety we want to equip parents to make good choices about when their child will be in the sun and offer tips on what clothing and other items will best protect their child. Sun Safety wants a child’s time in the sun to be fun and safe.


  1. Increase awareness among parents about the dangers that the sun can potentially have on their children and themselves
  2. Provide quality products  for children  that are cost effective
  3. Create a website that is easy to navigate, is professional and is aesthetically pleasing so that users will want to return and trust it as a credible source